It’s time for tea

For the best Yogi tea in the world!

The benefits of yogi tea are vast – it’s invigorating yet relaxing, and a great coffee substitute. The spices used in this tea are said to have the following properties:

  • Black peppercorns are blood purifier
  • Cardamom pods aid digestion
  • Cloves strenghteh the nervous system
  • Ginger root is healing for colds and flu, and increases energy

In yogi tea, the milk (dairy or soy) helps in the easy assimilation of the spices. A pinch of black tea acts as an alloy for all the ingredients, creating just the right chemical balance, with less caffeine than decaffeinated tea.

The ingredients below make one cup of yogi tea, so double or triple them to make more, as requiered. When making a large quantities of yogi tea, you will not need to use as many spices per cup.

1/4 liter water

3 cloves

4 green cardamon pods, cracked

4 black peppercorns

2 slices of ginger root

5cm stick of cinnamon

Cover and boil the ingredients together for 10-15 minutes. Add a tiny pinch of black tea (you can also use rooibos tea), and let is sit for a minute or two. Then add some milk and retun to boil. Immediatley remove from the heat, strain and serve. (you can add some honey of you like it sweet)

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