The unusual school project meets the Rotary Club

Time for a quick update on how the presentation at the Rotary Club on Friday the 5th of august went…

As you can imagine I was super nervous before the presentation. Luckily I had to teach a yoga class in the morning, that helped me a lot to ‘let go’ a bit my excitement and bring my focus back. I realised that it really isn’t about me talking to a bunch of people, but more about the kids that need help. And that helped me a lot..

Luckily my colleague and friend Jennifer who is very much involved in the school came with me to the meeting. She was a great support on all levels. Without her it definitely wouldn’t have been the same!

So here we were, sitting on the big table with about 20 other people. All of them, extremly kind and open and I really felt the good vibes in the group. Also that of course made me feel more comfi to talk in front of them.

The first 1,5 hours passed with club matters, fellowship and a delicious lunch and suddenly it was time to stand up and tell them about our kids and their school.

Wow! You could really feel the compassion in their hearts rising. It was amazing! They showed big interest and had many questions, which is definitely a good sign. Of course in a structure like this, the club first has to discuss the matter internally and that may take some time too, but I have a very good feeling about it and somehow I feel pretty sure that some kind of help will come from that side. Maybe they can’t help us build the school yet, but this anyway a long term aim, but I am sure they will give us a kind of support even if it is some things for an immediate help.

I will keep you posted on any new developments!

Lokaha Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu – May all beeings everywhere be happy and free!

Om Shanti

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